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Lost a leg, gained my life!


The Dreaded Post

November 2nd, 2011 · 6 Comments · Uncategorized

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Here goes, the one post I never wanted to write….

Bruiser’s most recent lung x-rays show a “suspected nodule”. It is really small; so small that 2 oncologists missed it when reviewing the film. It was not until a radiologist reviewed the film that he saw the little bastard. While the radiologist called it “suspect”, our oncologist is calling it a met.

Obviously, I am devastated by this news. I am trying to remain optimistic and educate myself, but it is hard.

We will go back to the vet’s office in 3-4 weeks for another round of x-rays to see if the nodule is growing, and if so, how much larger has it gotten. And, to find out if there are more mets.

I have been researching Palladia, but for a dog Bruiser’s size, it would cost us over $900 for the first month and $514 for each following month. I don’t want this to become a financial decision, but that is really expensive and we can’t be certain it would be effective for Bruiser.

I have also been reading forums and other tripawd’s blogs for support and encouragement. It has been helpful to learn of other dogs (and owners) who have gone through the same thing and have been able to report good things.

In the mean time, I continue to enjoy my time with Bruiser. There has been a lot of love, walks, treats, naps, etc together these past few days. I love him so much!

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  • etgayle

    damn….this is just sad news! but, bruiser doesn’t know there’s a ‘lung mint’ there. he just wants to keep being a tripawd spokesman, helping his little buddy fight her cancer, showing everyone what it’s like to get the best out of every day. bruiser is loving life!! take a moment, then know that you will get the best info available and make the best decision for bruiser. palladia isn’t tolerated by many pups according to what i read, so don’t just think of the $$, it just might not be a good fit for bruiser anyway. we’re sending our best ET juju to you guys, give that big guy a giant hug from his ET friends!!

    charon & gayle

  • samsamsmom

    Oh crap…I’m so sorry to hear that Bruiser has a met! I know how much that news just sucks. The first news of mets hits you like a punch in the gut. Just know that many dogs do just fine with mets so no need to panic….think of how far you come with Bruiser – the mets are just a new stage of the journey. We’ll be sending good wishes your way that it’s a loner! xoxo Sue and Sammy

  • riosmom

    I’m so sorry to hear about Bruisers “mints.” The meds are expensive, and especially for the larger dogs. Couple that with the fact that you don’t know if it’s even going to work, or whether the dog will tolerate it, and it’s definitely a confusing proposition.

    We were in a similar place this past month. For us, the “last ditch” medicine didn’t stop the disease progression, but our oncologist gave us some other options. After treating this disease for more than four years, I figured we’ve done plenty, and now I’d rather just have her feeling good for as long as she possibly can.

    You have to get to a point where you can say “we’ve done everything we can, and now we just enjoy however-much time we have left.” Once you can do this, honestly and without second-guessing yourself, then you’ll be able to look your boy in the eyes, and know that you’ve done right by him.

    Give him lots of love and treats, spoil him rotten, make some fabulous memories… You’ve still got time!

    Micki and Rio

    PS: You should PM Abbysmom, Jackie — she’s been using artemesinin as a supplement for her girl. It’s supposed to have lotsa cancer fighting properties.

  • lucilla

    Tonight I’ll be thinking of you guys as we do our puppy prayers. I have imagined what it would be like to get that news. I have wondered if I could ever be prepared. I have even convinced myself it will never happen. I can’t even imagine how your are feeling but I have to accept that I will walk in your shoes one day. I wish you nothing but happiness with you sweet dog. XO

  • jack crowder

    Hi, we are so sorry to hear about Bruiser’s met.

    Give him even more love, hugs and as Shelby say’s, a little cheeseburger and fries does a soul good!

    We are sending good thoughts, prayers and wishes your way.

    the chauffeur.

    Please contact us at We have a friend in common. Thanks, jack

  • jerry

    Bruiser, you are going to kick this thing’s butt. Nodule schmodule, you are unstoppable.

    I know how hard it is to get this news, it’s like re-living the diagnosis all over again. But the impawtant thing for humans to remember is, dogs don’t know what a nodule or lung mints or whatever are…we just want to keep on keepin on for as long as we pawsibly can. Bruiser, show your peeps what we’re all about OK?

    No time for tears now, there’s work to do!

    {{{{hugs to you Mama, we know this is tough}}}}

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