Bruiser on the News!

Below is a link which will take you to, a local news station here in Colorado. This past Friday, Bruiser and his pen pal were a featured story. I believe the tripawds community will enjoy the story. Thanks for watching!

Delaney and Bruiser

6 thoughts on “Bruiser on the News!”

  1. YEAAAAAH! Just what the doctor ordered! Bruiser, we have GOT to meet you before we leave Fort Collins for winter in a couple of weeks. PM us, let’s work something out OK?

  2. What an amazing pen pal Bruiser is! I just love the very special story! You are such an inspiration & bring such happiness to these children!! Keep up the wonderful work!!

    Big hugs to you!!
    From the spirit of Indiana’s mom ~Carol~~

    PS Jerry – I’d give you some tissues but I used mine all up!

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